Our offerings

Help and support the actors of Innovation and Transformation in Health improving the quality of care for citizens and cope with major changes in our health system.

Healthcare pathways

Co design the pathways of a territory mobilizing the territorial forces

Healthcare providers and ongoing care, local authorities, Regional Health Agencies (ARS), health and medico-social institutions, patients. Rely on the patient experience and collective intelligence to enhance change opportunities.

Prepare scenariis and organization plans

Including current resources and taking into account the new forms of organization such as telemedicine or-supplementation in Primary Care.

Define the business model allowing medico-economic balance.

Promote, pilot and evaluate the project

Associating throughout the process all the stakeholders.

Health at work & prevention

Design the individualized health prevention of the future helping the appropriateness of care

Promote chronic disease management and wellness actions and personalized services program.

Develop health and wellness programs at work

Help your team maintain good health throughout their lives and design and implement evaluated health and well-being services at work.

Télémédecine and e-Health

Telemedecine & e-health

Support the teams by promoting experience, skills, evaluation and building business model.

Mental health and e-health

Support Territorial Projects in Mental Health (PTSM). Target and develop e-health solutions.

In connection with territorial structures

Rely on the territorial healthcare network in primary and secondary care.

Living lab & patient experience

Development of solutions in co-design and promoting the patient experience

Consumer experience are the main key to understand and develop.

Associating users or patients upstream of the design of services and solutions, and throughout the creation process and until the commercialization of services is made available enables real uses.

Shape innovation into a living lab

A real place of co-innovation gathering scientist, companies, patients and users, and any other stakeholder.

Digital transformation

Design innovative digital solutions

Accompany actors on all stages of digital transformation: design, specifications, prototype, final product, in a user-oriented approach.

Help digital transformation through organization and skills

Since digital transformations question the organization and have a strong impact on humans, it requires organizational key points, supporting change, planning and mobilizing skills.