Healthcare pathways

The development of digital solutions (e-health, telemedicine, telecare …) are new opportunities to improve care delivery. Article 51 of the Health French Law promotes experimentation of new organizations with new financing methods.

The key numbers


Territorial Hospital Group


Multidisciplinary group practice


Health care center


Project promoters of article 51 of the Health French Law

Your stakes,
Our solutions

Your stakes


How to define the appropriate pathways of health in a territory ?


How to associate health structures with other public or private actors ?

Our solutions


Accompany chronic diseases management deal with pathways logic in a given territory


Co-define the solutions to the needs of the population for prevention, primary or secondary care

For who ?

Actors of the territory

Our offer in detail

Co design the pathways of a territory mobilizing the territorial forces

Co design the pathways of a territory mobilizing the territorial forces : healthcare professionals, local authorities, Regional Health Agencies (ARS), health and medico-social establishments, users.
Rely on the patient experience and collective intelligence to enhance change opportunities.

Prepare scenarios and organization plans

Including current resources and taking into account the new forms of organization such as telemedicine or task delegation. Define the economic model allowing medico-economic balance.

Promote, pilot and evaluate the project

Associating throughout the process all the stakeholders.


Co-design an innovative offer in primary prevention in Auvergne region