Our values

4 key values in one acronym : E.D.E.N.

Empathise with you

Beyond listening and understand your need, your expectations and your wishes, whether formulated or maturing. We adopt an empathetic attitude to help better the resolution of your problems .


guarantee Discretion

Ensuring Discretion on the mission you entrust us and especially in the upstream phases of development. This is based on a principle of mutual trust that is essential in our successful collaboration. We privilege a long-lasting and solid partnership.


be Enthusiastic

Because everything about improving the health system and innovation fascinates us, because we are curious and always looking for new encounters, we guarantee our enthusiasm throughout the mission.


promote Novelty

Since we are interested in the vast field of innovation, whether it is technological, organizational or even societal, we will be keen to propose new methods and integrate best practices.

Anthesis Consulting supports your ideas and projects from the conception to implementation and evaluation.